Fountain of Life
6 5/8 in. x 9 in.
Oil paint and 23 karat gold leaf on poplar wood panel with carved in kovcheg

The Virgin is shown holding her Son, they are portrayed in a fountain symbolizing the source of life. Jesus gestures with one hand in blessing and the other is gripping a small scroll.

The flowers decorating the border, clockwise beginning with the top center, are: Madonna lily, Bush vetch, Wild chamomile, Great hairy willow-herb, Meadow vetch, Sweet woodruff, Touch-me-not, Bluebell campanula, Lily of the valley, Batchelor button, Greater celendine, Mouse-ear chickweed, Buttercup, Sweet violet, Wild strawberry, Bindweed, Charlock, Ox-eye daisy, Birdfoot trefoil, Wood anemone, Snow-drop, Red clover, and Rockrose.

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