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• The paintings of Elizabeth Hughes Murphy have been displayed in six one-man shows as well as group exhibitions, model homes and many private collections.
• A graduate of Allegheny College, she was twice awarded the Foster B. Doane Prize, the college’s top honor in the field of art.
• Originally from Westport, Connecticut, Elizabeth Murphy settled in the Cincinnati area in the late 1970s. She paints icons and does portrait work on a private commission basis, as well as other projects of her own choosing.
She lives with her husband and son in Symmes Township, Ohio.

  • The icons shown here are hand painted in the Medieval Byzantine tradition.
• Each icon embodies the spiritual and transcendental nature of it’s predecessors. The hand of the artist is merely the tool of the mysteries.
• Poplar wood panels are prepared with hide glue and many layers of carefully sanded gesso. Transluscent layers of oil colors and 23 karat gold leaf are laid on this smooth surface to make the image.